John Raylen

The Handyman


Equipment stashed

The Motel(Room 13):




Before the Extinction, John was an average guy. While he was growing up he always had to tinker and mess with things. This is what lead to the idea of building,creating and forging. When he was 17 he watched some videos online on how to make a crucible and a forge. Of course his parents never really liked the idea but they allowed their son to do it anyway. He laid it out with concrete and a metal pipe with a Hair Dryer at the far end. It worked, for a simple thing as it was. He got an anvil and started hammering away at the metals he was working with. After he got okay at this he decided he wanted to learn about cars and houses. So he took a few classes learned how cars work and became a certified Mechanic. A year or two passed with him being a Mechanic but he wanted to learn more. So he went into full on construction, he learned how to build houses and weld things. He went at this for another year and he decided he wanted to learn more about electronics and specifically programming and robotics. So he started in at the nearest college and he spent his last two years before the extinction learning.

The first Months

Its been a little while, I’ve been traveling with a few people. We managed to leave the states and went into Canada, I personally don’t know why… Its cold as fucking hell but it seems the zombies tend to freeze to death so we got that going for us. We’ve been wandering for a week or two trying to follow this radio signal we picked up. We ended up camping around and stomping some zombsicles in and taking their things. Morality isn’t really an issue when it comes to the zeds, they’re against us and we need all the help we can get.

The motel

We followed the radio transmission until it led us onto this highway cut between a mountain, its a pretty cool thing that they’ve done. We managed to find a tractor trailer (FedEx) truck and we started driving it down to the motel. Jamal seems to be the kind of guy who only cares about himself so its gonna be a worry to work with him. Jim seems to be the “upstanding” type and wants to lead us in the right direction. He doesn’t seem to be making an effort to maintain group cohesion though. Well anyway, we got to the town and filled the tank of the truck to full and went on to the motel. When we arrived at the motel we were greeted with “open arms”, as open as they can be with guns. But any who, we got welcomed in and started unloading the truck. We found boxes filled with swords, and they aren’t those shitty kinds, they’re actually battle ready.

John Raylen

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